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Burn Out

At first I think of this as a blessing. yes! indeed! for in times that we need financial earnings God gave me this. but months has gone by and satisfaction isn’t there. Boredom started to grow. Sometimes I happy, Sometimes, sad. I’m grateful to have this job but Seeing myself in here 10years from now, is not what’s in my mind. I picture myself more. I can stick inside this comfort zone but its not me. its not where i’ll be happy. I want more. and I should think practically, for i need more resources for my family. in here, I isn’t enough. 

why can’t it be?

sabi mo kapag nagkita tayo at wala ka pang girlfriend, tayo na. alangya ka! nagkita na tau e. wala kng GF tapos after 1week meron ka na syota! paasa! bwiset ka! hindi na kita iiyakan kagaya nong dati. You gain a partner and yet you loose a friend.

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